About Firmware Updates

What is a firmware update and do I need it?

 Firmware is the software that makes your scale run, weigh, have different modes and settings. Over the years, there has been a handful of different firmware which has introduced new modes and bug fixes to our scales.

 Downloading the latest firmware gives you access to the latest modes and the smoothest functionality for your scale.

To Update

Pearl Updater App for original Acaia Pearl:

For iOS

For Android


Acaia Updater App for Lunar, Pearl Model S, Pearl Model S 2022, Pearl 2021, Orbit, Orion, Pyxis, and Cinco: 

 For iOS

For Android


The most recent firmware versions are:

Original Acaia Pearl


Acaia Lunar Original


Major Firmware Update

Acaia Lunar 2021


Minor Firmware Update

Pearl Model S


Minor Firmware Update

Pearl Model S 2022


Major Firmware Update

Orion Bean Doser


Minor Firmware Update

Orion Mini


Minor Firmware Update

Cinco and Pyxis


Minor Firmware Update

Pearl 2021


Minor Firmware Update

Orbit Grinder


Major Firmware Update



How long will a firmware update take?

A firmware update will take about 10-15 minutes.

If it is your first time performing the update, we recommend that you set aside some time to learn how to execute it and to be present while your product is updating.

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