Original Pearl Firmware Update Versions


Date released: September 11, 2018

Minor Firmware Update

It is not necessary to update unless you use the Bluetooth Feature


  • Bluetooth changed to match with current firmware. 
  • Firmware update to match with Pearl scales currently in production.



Date released: July 24, 2017

Major Firmware Update

New modes and features added

Modes added:

  • Mode 3: Timer Auto-Start Mode
  • Mode 4: Beverage Mode
  • Mode 5: Auto-Tare Mode


Additional firmware updates included:

  • Feature added back in: gram/oz quick toggle via T long press.
  • To turn Pearl OFF, double tap Power Button. We removed the long press Power Button to turn the scale off.
  • FIXED- Auto Power Off - When there is no weight change and the timer runs to 9:59, some scales were not automatically turning off. This has been fixed to have the scales automatically turn off to preserve battery.
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