Pearl S Firmware Update Versions


Most new scales do not need a firmware update. Check which version number you have and then update if you need to.

Current versions

Firmware is now v 1.0.039
Released: 2019-07-01 

What's been added?

Additional Mode

Minor Issue Fixes



  • New Pour Over Auto Start Mode. In this mode, the scale will detect the start of the flow of liquid at the beginning of the brew and correspond by automatically starting the timer. This mode is perfect for making filter coffee. The mode is indicated by a 'water droplet' icon on the left of the display shown before brewing begins.
  • Improved stability of Flowrate Practise Mode
  • New "hold current speed" indicator in Brewguie Flowrate Indicator Mode (Pearl Model S displays "---")
  • Various UI fixes and improvements

Note: If updating from version 1.0.20, Brewguide data will be reset to factory default. Please download your Brewguide with Acaia Brewguide App again. 

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