Pearl S 2022 Firmware Update Versions


Most new scales do not need a firmware update. Check which version number you have and then update if you need to.


Current version


Released: January 8, 2024

Major Firmware Update

Fast Filter Addition. Choose between options A or B.


  • Version A: a Fast Filter feature to enhance response time. The default filter setting is “Sensitive.” In this version, the Voice notification is disabled. Only the Sound notification is available.
  • Version B: Retaining the Filter option with the default sensitivity set to “High.” Voice notification enabled by default.



Released: January 9, 2023

Major Firmware Update

Default setting adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes


  • The default setting of Timer Notification Sound is now changed to “off".
  • The default setting of Weight Notification Sound is now changed to “off".
  • The default setting of the Sleep Timer is now changed to 10 minutes.
  • Adjustments to the order of settings in the Setting Menu.

Additional Information:

  • Firmware version 1.0.004: minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Above fixes and improvements are included in firmware version 1.0.005.
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