What are the differences between the Pearl 2021 and Pearl Model S?


Pearl_White_05.jpgThe Pearl 2021 and Pearl Model S are both excellent standalone scales. The two may look almost identical when switched off, but each possesses many unique features. 

First and foremost, both scales are as accurate and fast as one another. The Pearl 2021 is a reimagined version of our original Pearl scale (first released in 2014) with improvements based on suggestions from our team and community. The Pearl Model S was released in 2019 and has many qualities that are excellent for learning, sharing, and teaching in any environment. 

Both scales are updated through the Acaia Updater app. We periodically release firmware updates for many of our products and announce updates on our social media. The Pearl Updater is used solely for the original Pearl scale that is still supported by our development team.


So what are the main differences between these two Pearl models? Read below to find out more. 

Capacity - Due to their built-in weighing technology, both scales weigh down to an increment of 0.1 grams. However, the Pearl 2021 has a maximum capacity of 2000 g / 70.55 oz and the Pearl Model S has a maximum capacity of 3000 g / 105.82 oz. 

LED display - The Pearl Model S has a detailed dot matrix display that is able to display words (including instructions during Brewguide mode), triple readings, and a flow rate practice visual. The Pearl 2021 has an 8 digit LED, which is more detailed than the original Pearl but less than the Model S. It displays time, weight, indicators, as well as the option of a flow rate ‘line’ during some modes. 


Flow-Rate: The Pearl 2021 has the option of a Flow-Rate Indicator (seen above). While the Indicator is not a standalone mode, it is an education part of the scale that can be used as an addition to several modes. The indicator is present in Dual Display mode, Pour-Over Auto Timer Start mode, and Beverage mode and is represented by a line of LEDs at the top of the LED display.

For the Pearl Model S, there is no flow-rate indicator but a flow rate tool is included in the main part of two modes; the Triple Display mode and the Flow-Rate Practice mode. The flow rate is not a separate setting but an integral focus within the display. 


Brewguide Mode: This mode, which gives the user the option of directly interacting and downloading recipes from the Brewguide app, is exclusive to the Pearl Model S. Due to the detailed display and hardware, this scale has the ability to show recipes and prompt the user through steps. 

Changing Settings/Switching on and off Modes: The Pearl 2021 gives the user the ability to change settings and turn on and off modes manually. This can be done by entering the settings menu, which you find out how to do this here.

                        The Pearl Model S allows the user to change all settings manually and change some settings conveniently through the Brewguide app. This includes switching on and off modes and setting when the scale will turn off after being left idle. 


Charging Port: The Pearl Model S has a mini USB charging port and the Pearl 2021 has a USB-C charging port. 

Other Indicators: Both scales boast an easier-to-check battery indicator. This indicator was added to the Pearl Model S firmware in a recent update, which can be accessed through the Acaia Updater app. You can see more information about this firmware update here.

The Pearl 2021 also has a flow-rate indicator (see above point for more details) and a unique stabilization indicator for uneven surfaces.


To find a table rundown of all similarities and differences between both scales and the original Pearl, visit our Pearl Series Comparison article here

To see an in-depth comparison between the original Pearl and the Pearl Model S, please see this article here.

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