My scale only shows ACAIA and will not go past the loading screen.


Why won't my scale boot up correctly?

There are a few reasons why a scale may only show 'ACAIA' after being turned on. A scale should only take a few seconds to fully load up. It can be frustrating so we have created a list of things to check if you are having this issue with your Acaia product. 

We recommend checking the general section first.


General - All Scales 

When turning on your scale, make sure it is sitting securely on a stable and even surface. When booted up, a scale will attempt to find a stable weight to start off with and if unable, it will not load properly. 

  • Even surface: The surface you’re weighing on should be even without too many bumps. If the scale’s bottom plate is balancing on bumps, then it’s not stable.
  • Steady surface: This means that the table is on does not have shaky legs. If the table moves every time you put something down, then it’s not going to be stable for the scale. It also means no vibrations. If a table or counter continuously vibrates, then the scale won’t be able to give an accurate reading. Vibrations can come from an area with heavy foot traffic. 

You can also adjust the sensitivity of your scale if you need to work in a busy or uneven environment, see here for more information. 


Pearl, Pearl 2021, Pearl S, and Pearl S 2022

There are two possible reasons why a Pearl, Pearl 2021, Pearl Model S, or Pearl Model S 2022 scale is unable to exit the loading screen.

  • There is a chance a piece of black protective foam or some other object is stuck in between the base and shell. Each Acaia Pearl is shipped with a foam strip between the base and shell to protect it while in transit. Sometimes when removing the foam strip, a piece can get stuck. The small piece can provide just enough pressure to the scale to give the impression weight is being applied to it, not allowing it to exit the loading screen. You can remove the foam with an X-acto blade or razor.
  • Another thing worth checking is that the head screws in the base are tight. You don't want to tighten them to the point that they strip, but just make sure they are secure. If they are secure, but the scale continues to stay in the loading screen, please message us directly on our social media or through our email


Lunar and Lunar 2021


  • The base of the scale has shifted and is now touching the shell. This can happen from the scale being dropped or having something dropped on it. The slight pressure is giving the impression of weight being applied, not allowing the Lunar to find a zero point. There should be a constant gap between the shell and the base. Please message us directly on how to solve this issue.
  • One of the 2 mm hex screws has come loose on the base. You'll need a 2 mm hex wrench to tighten the screws.  You don't want to over-tighten the screws, just confirm they are secure. If the scale is still stuck in the loading screen and there's an even gap between the base and shell, please message us directly on our social media or through our email



If you are still noticing issues with your scale or have more questions, please email us at Please remember to include the serial number of your Acaia product and any photos of the item. We hope to get you back to brewing as soon as possible.

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