What does it mean when my scale displays _H20_? What can I do?

The Lunar will automatically detect if there is any water on the two buttons on top of the scale.

If your scale displays '_H2O' with a '_' on the left side, it means that water is resting on top of the Power Button. If it displays 'H2O_' with the '_' is on the right side, it means there is water on top of the Tare Button. If your scale displays '_H2O_', it means that there is water on top of both the power and the tare button. 

If you feel that water may be on the inside of the scale, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure the Lunar surface is clean and dry.
  2. Put the Lunar off to the side to dry for about 24 hours.

If your Lunar scale has become wet on the inside due to use, we do NOT recommend placing it on top of an espresso machine or radiator to dry out. This may damage or disintegrate some of the connecting elements inside the scale, causing the top shell to come loose.


After heavy exposure to water, the Lunar will flash the H2O message repeatedly. If ignored, it will shut itself off as a precaution and a signal for the user to let the scale dry for at least 24 hours. The Lunar will be able to turn on 10 minutes later but will most likely shut itself off again. 

If you find that your scale is dry inside and out, steam from an espresso drip tray may be triggering the H2O message.  We have released the Lunar Base as an accessory to help shops with shallow drip trays. To buy this accessory, follow this link.

If you are experiencing the H2O message when it has not been near water for at least 24 hours, it could be due to damage.  It is common, especially in a busy cafe, for the scale to be dropped. A drop can bend the shell in a way that puts weight on the buttons. If you believe this to be the case, please contact our support team at support@acaia.co

In the video below, our co-founder Rex Tseng demonstrates the H2O message. 



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