Can I buy a replacement USB port?

Before looking into purchasing a replacement USB port, we recommend checking that the issue is not a defective battery or charging cable.


If you are having an issue with your Acaia product and it is still under warranty, please let us know at Our Lunar scale comes with a two-year warranty, while all other electrical Acaia products have a one-year warranty from date of purchase.


First, check if the cable you are using to charge the scale is functioning properly. If it can charge another device, but not your scale, then it is most likely your scale's charging port. If your cable cannot charge another device, please try using another one to see if that charges the scale. We've come across some scales that are reported to have loose ports but connect firmly with a new cable.


Since it’s not easy to tell which part is causing the issue it is best to contact instead of ordering a USB port and replacing it yourself. Replacing the USB port is not guaranteed to solve the issue.

That said, some of our resellers also stock replacements, so we may arrange the repair through them. Across the world, we have a directory of official and trusted international resellers who can diagnose your scale's issues and replace your USB port if so needed. If the Acaia electronic has not been purchased from the local reseller, they may charge some costs including an inspection fee, customs, shipping, etc.

If your scale is still under warranty, a defective port would be covered. The Lunar comes with a two-year warranty, and the Pearl comes with a one-year warranty, starting on the day of purchase. If the scale is outside the warranty, please read further.

In the contiguous 48 US states, we can replace your port for you. Please email us to arrange the shipment.

In Canada, we’ll ask that you ship the scale to Eight Ounce Coffee (, who can repair the scale or replace the battery for you.

In Hawaii, Alaska, Central America, and South America, we will ask you to ship the scale to us, so we can replace the ports for you (outside the warranty). You will need to pay for shipping.

In Europe, we have several resellers who replace USB ports and we can also ship from our Netherlands warehouse.



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