My scale will not power on. Why not?


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 Scale not turning on or off

If your scale is not turning on upon a light touch of the power button, the first thing to check would be if your scale just needs to be charged and if it is charging properly.

When plugging a scale in to charge, a light will appear (pictured below). If this charging light does not appear, you either have a damaged USB port or your micro-USB or USB-C cable is damaged. Check to see if another cable works. If one cable works, but another doesn't, you will need to purchase a charging cable from a third party. If your scale is still not displaying the charging light, you may need to have your scale's USB port replaced. To do so, contact


In some cases, your scale will appear to be charging properly, but will still not turn on. If this is the case, chances are your scale has a defective battery. Two signs of this are when your scale is charging, but still displays ‘L0_BAt’ (see picture below), or when your scale is only turning on when plugged in.

Sometimes, a scale cannot retain a charge due to a malfunctioning main circuit board. Since it’s not easy to tell which part is causing the issue it is best to contact instead of ordering a battery and replacing it yourself. Replacing the battery is not guaranteed to solve the issue.


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