The scale's numbers are jumping all over

When a scale is gradually increasing or decreasing in weight on its own, it is experiencing drift. First, make sure that the scale is on a stable surface and that there are no outside factors that could be putting slight weight on the scale, like a fan or a busy work environment.

Acaia Lunar and Lunar 2021

The base of the Lunar may have shifted to where it is touching the shell. To adjust, loosen the two 2mm hex bolts on the back of the scale slightly so that the base can be moved. Realign the base so that there is an even gap between the base and the shell (see 2.1). Retighten the two hex bolts.

After checking the base of the scale, perform a calibration 

If your Lunar continues to drift please contact and we can provide further troubleshooting. 


Acaia Original Pearl and Pearl 2021

There is a chance a piece of black protective foam is stuck in between the base and shell (see 2.3). Each Acaia Pearl is shipped with a foam strip between the base and shell to protect it while in transit. Sometimes when removing the foam strip a piece can get stuck, providing just enough pressure for the scale to detect, causing the weight to drift up and down. You can remove the foam with an X-Acto blade or razor.



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Still having issues? Send us a video at & we'll troubleshoot it with you!

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