Orbit Firmware Update Versions


Learn how to find your Orbit firmware version in this article here. Use the Acaia Updater app to update the Orbit's firmware.


Current version


Released: April 10, 2024

Minor Firmware Update

Adjusted Grind-by-Weight Mode


  • Bug Fix for Auto-Stop 


  • Bug fix for auto-stop 



Released: January 31, 2024

Major Firmware Update

Adjusted Grind-by-Weight Mode


  • Adjusted Grind-by-Weight Mode
  • Several bug fixes and improvements


  • In Grind-By-Weight mode, when the grinder detects no coffee beans in the chute, it automatically stops after 60 seconds. The new mechanism ensures efficient operation and prevents unnecessary grinding when the hopper is empty.
  • We have included bug fixes and improvements for Auto-Pulse and Auto-Purge.



Released: December 15, 2023

Major Firmware Update

Grind-by-Weight Auto-Pulse

Adjusted Lunar Auto-Tare Function


  • Grind-by-Weight Auto-Pulse: this option provides more control over the coffee grinding process. The function enables the Orbit to pulse automatically, adding around 0.1-0.3 g, achieving the precise target weight. The default setting is “ON” and is only available in Grind-by-Weight mode.
  • Lunar Auto-Tare: in response to user feedback, we have adjusted the Lunar’s Auto-Tare function when linked to the Orbit. The Auto Tare on/off toggle has moved from the Grind-by-Weight mode to the Manual mode on the Orbit. This modification helps to prevent unwanted activation of the auto-tare function.


  • the new Lunar Auto-Tare function must be updated to the scale via the Acaia Updater app. It is currently only available on the Lunar 2021. Please see the firmware notes for the espresso scale here



Released: May 24, 2023

Major Firmware Update

The reverse Burr function added in v1.0.4 is also included in this update. 


  • Fixed Auto Off setting issue for longer time periods.



Major Firmware Update

Reverse Burr Function Adjustment


  • Reverse burr function adjustment to aid in cleaning out stuck coffee grinds more easily. Y

Additional Information:

  • The reverse spin makes it easier to adjust the dial from coarse to fine, without purging. This results in more streamline switching between drip and espresso. You can assign this function to the button double click or triple click for quick access.

  • This version was part of some of the second round of Orbit Eclipse edition grinders. Unavailable in the app to update. Users should wait until 1.0.5 is available.



Released: January 10, 2023

Major Firmware Update

Added support for original Lunar and more


  • Added support for original Acaia Lunar
  • Added support for advanced settings, including customizing Auto Stop Grinding Delay Time, Auto Purge Time, and Auto Standby Time.

Additional Information:

  • Please update your original Lunar scale to at least firmware version 2.6.017 before attempting to pair. 


Enter the Orbit Firmware Update Mode

To enter the Orbit firmware update mode, press and hold the Orbit button in the front while turning on the Orbit with the main power switch. 

Hold for about 15 seconds and release the Orbit button when the button turns from Green to Red. Once released, the Orbit will enter firmware update mode. 

Use the Acaia Updater app to update the Orbit's firmware.


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