General Burr Information for the Orbit

The Orbit grinder will be shipped with either 64 mm flat steel Mazzer 33M or SSP Multipurpose burrs. The Mazzer 33M burrs were designed for espresso but they can be used for filter. The grinder is also compatible with many other 64 mm SSP sets. We have tested with multiple High Uniformity SSP burrs including other multipurpose burrs and Cast V2.


Swapping out burrs

This depends on the burrs being swapped into the grinder. Please contact our team directly about the burrs you are planning to replace. We have included a set of mounting screws (M5 Phillips head screws) inside the grinder. We have also included a set of M4 screws if you are using a set of burrs compatible with that size.

We would recommend if you are replacing burrs, that you have some previous experience or contact us about switching the burrs.


To learn how to install different burrs, please contact our team directly at


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