Grinding with the Orbit

How do I set the grind on my Orbit?

Setting the grind on the Orbit is controlled by the Grind Adjustment Ring, which is located just below the hopper. Turning towards the left makes the grind more coarse, and to the right more fine. 


The Orbit has a stepless grind adjustment, meaning there are no distinct clicks or stops when setting the grind. Instead, the adjustment ring turns smoothly and continuously, allowing for fine control over the grind setting - which is especially important when dialing in espresso. 


For clarity, the adjustment ring is marked with a ruler featuring 10 major divisions (0-9) each with 10 minor divisions. Each minor “tick” adjusts the burr distance by 7.5 microns. This makes it easier to recreate previous extractions and create references for later adjustments.

The detent ring is also available just above the adjustment ring so you can mark alignment locations for yourself or others. The detent ring is not attached to the adjustment ring and instead spins freely on its own, but it is not stepless like the larger ring.

The Orbit’s Mazzer 33M burrs - 64 mm flat steel burrs -  were designed for espresso but they can be used for filter. 

The Orbit can also be shipped be with 64 mm SSP Multipurpose burrs.

Most espresso brewing will likely be set within the first quarter rotation but settings will depend on the coffee (type, roast style, age of beans, preferred espresso style) and environment (machine, temperature of the room), among other factors. Filter grinds will also depend on similar factors, including pour-over/immersion methods and extraction preference.


Using the burr touch point as a reference, we suggest the following grind settings for Mazzer 33M burrs:

Espresso: +2 to +3 numbers on the dial
Moka pot: +4 to +5 numbers
Aeropress: +4 to +8
Manual pour over: +5 to +10
Batch filter: +6 to +12
French press and cold brew: +7 to +12


  1. Use the knocker behind the spout to remove any grounds retention.
  2. To grind, click the front button. One click will start it. Another single click will stop it. If you’re in the grind-by-weight mode, the single click will pause instead of stop grinding.
  3. To change between presets, press and hold the front button. The RPM presets are A, B, and C. 
    1. A: 600 RPM
    2. B: 1000 RPM
    3. C: 1500 RPM
  4. Adjust the grind size by turning the dial. Turn it clockwise for finer, counter-clockwise for coarser.
  5. After grinding, triple-click the front button to purge. 

Can You Keep Feeding Beans into the Orbit as it Grinds?

Yes, you can keep feeding beans into the funnel. Our recommended duty cycle is 60 seconds on and 30 seconds off. This is to allow the motor and other parts of the grinder to cool.


Does the Orbit Have an Auto-Purge function?

Yes, there is an auto-purge after all single-dosing grind cycles. The grinder will stop the motor a few seconds after it finishes processing beans and reverse it to purge.


What is the grind coarseness (does it work for French press, cupping)?

With the Mazzer 33m burrs, you can adjust to a much larger grind size than espresso.




For RPM preset, auto-purge, and auto-stop customization options, use the Acaia Orbit app. You do not need the app to use the grinder.

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