Setting Up and Maintaining Your Orbit


Is your Orbit in need of cleaning? Learn how to clean any of our Acaia products.


Place your Orbit on a flat, steady surface. Plug it into a 100-240V AC power source. The power switch is at the back of the base.


Spout extender

Hold the extender with the wider opening facing up. Attach it by pushing it upwards into the Orbit spout.


Dosing cup magnets

Remove the dosing cup magnetic pad sticker and place it at the base of your dosing cup. To use, place the cup on the Orbit’s platform and it will magnetically “slide” into place.


Lunar magnetic strips 

Tip: Apply the strips either with the Lunar on its side or flipped over. If it’s flipped over, press the strips gently to attach. 

  1. Find the Lunar magnetic strips and the application tool that came with your Orbit. Remove the tool along the dotted lines.
  2. Fold the tool’s top and bottom flaps along the dotted lines.
  3. Align the tool with the base and insert the flaps into the gap surrounding the base. Center it.
  4. Remove the back from the magnetic strips.
  5. Align the strips with the spaces in the tool and press to attach them.
  6. Remove the application tool.


Maintaining your Orbit

Clean your Orbit on an as-needed basis to remove grounds and oils. Use a soft cloth with warm water. Do not use detergent or soap.


  • Use the knocker behind the spout to remove excess grounds. 
  • To purge, triple-click the front button
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