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This article was updated February 14 2024 to reflect recent product changes. 


In October 2021, we announced the release of our first professional coffee grinder, the Orbit. The grinder is an Acaia product that has much of its design and functionality attributed to our friends at Weber Workshops. Watch the video below to see it in action.




The grinder now includes many different functions including:

  • 64 mm flat burrs
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Single dosing that contributes to lower grind retention
  • Multifunction button – RPM (revolution per minute) presets
  • Reverse burr
  • Compatible with other 64 mm burrs, e.g. SSP
  • LED spotting light
  • App connectivity


You can find more information on the grinder functions on our blog here.


Orbit Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have created an FAQ section to answer some of your questions.

  • What is the price?

$1,350 USD (Mazzer 33M burrs) or $1,450 USD (SSP Multipurpose) for the Orbit Space Gray. We do not anticipate the price changing. However, if it does, it would be due to a change in production costs (for example, user feedback required us to retool parts).


  • What burrs does the Orbit have? Can other burrs fit the grinder?

The burrs are 64 mm flat steel burrs - either Mazzer 33M or SSP Multipurpose burrs. The 33M burrs were designed for espresso but they can be used for filter. The grinder is also compatible with other 64 mm SSP sets.


  • Can it ship without the burrs?

There is no burrless option available. At this time, all grinders will be shipped with either 64 mm 33M Mazzer or SSP Multipurpose burrs installed. 


  • Can we adjust the RPM?

Yes, the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) can be adjusted through the upcoming Acaia Orbit smartphone application. The grinder will have three presets accessible through the multifunction button on the bottom. Through the app, you can adjust and set one RPM to start, set the start RPM hold time, set the second RPM to end, and set the second RPM hold time.


  • Why is there an option for grinding by weight when the Orbit is marketed as a single-dosing grinder?

For Grind By Weight, we have developed an optional hopper that holds a greater amount of coffee beans. The multi-purpose hopper also acts as an adapter for our larger line of bean hoppers


  • What is the Eclipse Edition?

The Eclipse Edition grinders were part of the first production runs of the Orbit grinder. They were available in the US. This was a small-batch production run in a new product category for us. We wanted to ensure that production and quality met our high expectations before we produced larger batches.


  • Do you have a plan to design a burr carrier like EG1?

We do not have a plan for that at this time.



  • What colors is the Orbit available in?

The Orbit is available in the gray colorway seen in the video. We recently announced the upcoming release of the Black and White versions


  • Can we preorder the Black and White versions of the grinder?



  • What are the differences between the Orbit Space Gray, Orbit Black, and Orbit White?
Apart from their finish, the new Black and White versions are identical in form and function. We made a few design changes compared to the original 2021 (released in 2022) version. The grinders will include:
  • A Multi-Purpose Hopper that matches the grinder's body
  • Wide Adjustment Ring
  • Mounted Metal Plate engraved with the name of the originally-installed burrs
  • The grinder is shipped with a black or white 58 mm Dosing Cup

Read our blog post for more details.


  • How do I keep up to date with all Orbit information?

To keep up to date, including information on the Orbit or other Acaia product announcements, we highly recommend joining our official newsletter mailing list here


  • Is the grinder USB-C chargeable?

No, this grinder is not chargeable but will have a removable cord. The Orbit must be plugged into a power source to function. 




  • How does the Lunar 2021 attach to the grinder?

The Lunar 2021 will attach magnetically to the Orbit stand with the addition of a couple of magnetic strips. These will be shipped with the grinder. 


  • Will the original Lunar’s Bluetooth connect to the Orbit in the same way as the Lunar 2021?

The Lunar 2021 is compatible with Orbit from the grinder launch time due to a firmware update released in unison. The Lunar Original also received a firmware update with the same features except for displaying the flow-rate indicator (the Lunar Original does not have this hardware part).

Additionally, the Orbit smartphone app is not required to use the grind-by-weight feature. RPM and weight can be adjusted from the Lunar.


  • How loud is the Orbit?

Depending on grinding, the Orbit is around 80-90 decibels when turned on. 


  • What are the dimensions of the Orbit?
Dimension Inches Centimeters 
Height 15.5 39.4
Width 4.3 10.9
Depth 10.5 26.7
Height to Funnel 11.75 29.8
Under-Spout Clearance 4 10.2


  • Where can I find the Orbit App?

The Orbit app is free to download. iOS users can find it on the Apple App Store from October 27. We plan to launch the Andriod version on the Google Play store this December.


  • Does the Orbit App display the grind setting?

The app does not show the grind setting of the Orbit but information such as RPM settings and other controls.

The Orbit grinder was designed with a grounding mechanism in place to dissipate static electricity. When the Orbit is properly grounded and used with our static absorbing dosing cup, knocker, and chute extender, the inclusion of an Ion Beam static remover is unnecessary.

However, there are certain scenarios where the Ion Beam can be particularly helpful for the Orbit. These scenarios include:

  • the user’s wall plug is not properly grounded
  • extremely dry conditions
  • commercial environments where the grinder is being used continuously for long periods of time.
  • when using alternative catch cups, such as ceramic vessels, where grounding alone may not suffice.
It’s important to note that adding an active static remover does come with certain drawbacks. If the ions are overcharged or if the wrong-charged ions come into contact with the coffee, it can potentially worsen the static or reverse the charges. Considering these factors, we decided to make the Ion Beam technology optional. 
It can be beneficial for other grinders as well, particularly for those that require active static removal. This can include improving the espresso puck preparation and minimization of the flying chaff for drip settings. Therefore, while the Orbit grinder does not come with a built-in Ion Beam, its original design focuses on grounding for static dissipation.
The Orbit can still achieve very low retention and minimal static by design. The use of an Ion Beam can be considered for specific conditions and requirements.
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