Lunar 2021 Firmware Updates Versions

This article is for the updates for the Lunar 2021. For the original Lunar scale, please see this article here.



Date released: 18 March 2024

Minor Firmware Update

Pour Over Auto-Start Timer Mode Bug Fix


  • Bug fix for the progress indicator in Pour Over Auto-Start Timer Mode



Date released: 24 January 2024

Major Firmware Update

Power-Off Setting, new Beep Setting, and an Auto Pulse Mode bug fix.


  • New Power-Off Option: We have provided an alternative way to turn off your scale. The setting appears as “P_OFF” in the scale’s settings menu.
    - Press and Hold: Now, you can power off the Lunar 2021 scale by pressing and holding the Power button for 0.5 seconds.
    - Double-Tap: The default method to turn off the scale is by double-tapping the Power button.

  • New Beep Option: Customize your Lunar 2021 scale with adjustable beep volume settings. Choose from Off, 1, 2, or 3 (3 being the greatest volume). The default setting is 2. The setting appears as “bEEP” in the scale’s settings menu.
  • Bug Fix for Auto Pulse Mode in Orbit: Fixed a bug in Grind-By-Weight mode for the Orbit.




Date released: 15 December 2023

Minor Firmware Update

Adjusted Lunar Auto-Tare Function for Orbit


  • Lunar Auto-Tare: in response to user feedback, we have adjusted the Lunar’s Auto-Tare function when linked to the Orbit. The Auto Tare on/off toggle has moved from the Grind-by-Weight mode to the Manual mode on the Orbit. This modification helps to prevent unwanted activation of the auto-tare function.




Date released: 7 September 2023

Major Firmware Update

New Mode: Pour Over Mode.


  • New Mode: Pour Over Mode.

  • Workflow for this mode is identical to the Pour Over Auto-Start Timer Mode in the Pearl 2021. The Flow-Rate Indicator is optimized for Pour Over.


  • In Pour Over Mode (Mode 7), when the scale detects the flow of water into the vessel, the timer starts. The timer stops when the brewing equipment is removed from the scale. The mode detects the flow from a kettle rather than the trickle of espresso. The Flow-Rate Indicator is also modified to suit pour over brewing. Each dot represents 0.2 g/s, and the final 3 dots indicates 8.0 g/s, 10.0 g/s, and 12.0 g/s.
  • The mode is represented by a circle + droplet on the right side of the LED screen.



Date released: 1 August 2023

Minor Firmware Update

Tare Save issue resolved


  • Resolved an issue when attempting to register a new Tare Save container. To save a new container weight, place the desired container on the scale, then press and hold the Tare button for 2 seconds. This will register a new preset container weight.



Date released: 27 October 2022

Major Firmware Update

Orbit Grinder pairing support


  • Added support for Acaia Orbit



Date released: 13 July 2022

Minor Firmware Update

This update includes small fixes and improvements


  • Minor issue fixes and improvements



Date released: 22 February 2022

Minor Firmware Update

This update is to improve the timer auto-stop detection.


  • Improved timer auto-stop detection. This is for those who have longer espresso shots with slower flow rates.



Date released: 18 November 2021

Major Firmware Update

Sped Up Tare Operation


  • Sped up Tare operation
  • Added Tare-Save support for Dual Mode




Date released: 29 September 2021

Major Firmware Update

Added ability and some small issue fixes. 


  • Added flow-rate indicator in Weight Only mode
  • Small issue fix for average flow-rate displays
  • Improved Timer Start with Flow stability
  • Improved weight display stability during tare operation




Date released: September 2021

Minor Firmware Update

This update is to improve the remote scale ability.


  • Ability added to override the Bluetooth error code Error 300, letting the user continue to use the scale. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us directly. 
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