Flow-Rate Indicator Setting


The Flow-Rate Indicator is a setting currently exclusive to the Pearl 2021 and Lunar 2021.


Pearl 2021

While the Flow-Rate Indicator is not a standalone mode, it is an education part of the scale that can be used as an addition to several modes. The indicator is present in Dual Display mode, Pour-Over Auto Timer Start mode, and Beverage mode and is represented by a line of LEDs at the top of the LED display. This visual tool teaches you to control your pouring in real-time, improving your overall brewing ability, and achieving desired extraction ratios every time. You can turn the Flow-Rate Indicator off in the settings menu if you don’t wish to see it.


The indicator measures flow rates with lit LEDs starting from 0.5 g per second in the center to 9.5 g per second at both ends. When the flow rate exceeds 11.5 g per second, the last three LEDs will light up with enhanced brightness, indicating a high flow rate.

To provide thresholds for ideal flow rates, the first pair of the brighter LEDs represents 2.5 g per second, which is the flow rate that many professional brewers use. The second pair of brighter LEDs represents 6.5 g per second, for targeting a faster pouring speed.


Lunar 2021

The Flow-Rate Indicator is an LED bar on the top of the display. It helps you visualize your espresso flow-rate in real time and spot channeling during brewing. The indicator measures flow-rate with lit LEDs starting from 0.1 g per second on the left to 3.4 g per second on the right. When the flow-rate exceeds 5.0 g per second, the last three LEDs will light up with enhanced brightness, indicating a high flow-rate. During an espresso brew, the Flow-Rate Indicator will display the highest peak flow-rate of this brew with a single bright LED.

Pearl Model S and Pearl Model S 2022

For the Pearl Model S and Pearl Model S 2022, there is no flow-rate indicator but a flow rate tool is included in the main part of two modes; the Triple Display mode and the Flow-Rate Practise mode. The flow rate is not a separate setting but an integral focus within the display. Both modes can be switched off in manual settings or through the Brewguide app. 


How do I turn on and off Flow Rate Indicator on my scale?

To learn how to enter settings, follow this guide here.


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