How to turn on and off modes on scales

How to enter settings

Learn how to enter your scale’s Settings menu and which modes you want to turn on or off.


Turning your scale’s modes on or off is useful when you only want to display your desired modes. Too many modes displayed means you might end up cycling through unwanted modes. If you are the owner of a new scale, note that not all modes are turned on.


 Make sure you know which mode number you want to turn on/off. The below instructions work for the original Pearl, Pearl 2021, Pearl S, Pearl S 2022, Lunar, Pyxis, and Cinco scales.

  1. Enter the scale’s Settings menu.
  2. Tap the Tare button until you see “Node_1” or the desired setting name.
  3. Press the Tare button to enter the menu.
  4. Tap the Tare button to change the display from “On” or “Off.”
  5. Press the Tare button to save and exit the menu.
  6. Tap the Tare button to move on to the next mode. Continue for the rest of the modes.

If you have a Pearl S scale, you have a second option for turning on/off the mode. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Brewguide app.

  1. In Brewguide, go to Settings, then Customization.
  2. Turn on your scale and connect to it in the app.
  3. Choose “Manual Setting.”
  4. Check or uncheck the modes to turn them on/off.
  5. Continue with the setup to finish.



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