Cinco/Pyxis Firmware Update Versions

Most new scales do not need a firmware update. Check which version number you have and then update if you need to.



Date released: 20 September 2022 

Minor Firmware Update

Calibration fix


  • Fixed an issue where calibration does not occur when the scale is in low resolution.


Date released: 15 July 2022 

Minor Firmware Update

New weight increment option


  • Option to set weight display to resolution of 0.1 gram / 0.001 oz.
Additional Information:
    • To enable, enter [ SEt ], find [ rESoL ], and select [ Lo ].



Date released: 2 March 2022 

Major Firmware Update

This release adds a new battery level display ability and an automatic feature which stops the scale timer after 9 minutes 59 seconds.


  • Added ability for scale to show remaining battery power. To access; when the scale is off, press and hold the Power button until ‘Batt’ is shown on the display. It will show after ‘SET’ appears. The scale will display battery power, e.g. ‘Batt 90’ referring to 90% battery.
  • The Pyxis timer will now stop after the timer reaches 9:59, activating the sleep timer.



Date released: 27 August 2020 

What's new?

Weighing Resolution Setting

New setting [rESoL] added:

  • When set to default, the division is 0.01 grams for weights under 300 grams and 0.05 for weights between 300 to 500 grams.
  • When set to high, the division will be 0.01 grams for weights under 300 grams and 0.02 grams for weights between 300 to 500 grams.



Date released: 2020 

What's new?

Three Settings Menu Options

New options added:

  • SEnSE option: new Auto-Start sensitivity setting
  • Auto_rES option: new timer auto-reset setting
  • rESEt.d option: this settings lets the user reset the scale and it's settings back to factory default
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