How do you calibrate the Orion?

Before calibrating your Orion, we highly recommend checking the Acaia Updater app to make sure that your Orion has the latest firmware. The Acaia Updater app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


You can purchase a certified calibration weight from our store here

See the video and instructions below. 


Here is how to smart calibrate an Orion, Orion Mini, or Orion Nano Bean Doser:

  • Find a quiet environment with a stable service with little background noise (i.e. a busy cafe with a lot of foot traffic could interfere with a calibration)
  • Press the Dose button rapidly 5 times in the weighing mode to enter the user calibration mode. Place the 500 g calibration weight and allow the Orion to calibrate. 
  • While the Orion is in Weighing Mode and the weighing unit is in gram, press Dose button quickly multiple times until LED display shows [ CAL ] and then [ 500 ].
  • Place a 500 g calibration weight on the platform and wait for the scale to execute the calibration procedure.
  • The Display shows [ -End- ] when the calibration procedure is completed.
  • You may unload the calibration weight when completed.

* Note: A calibration weight of 100 g can be used for all Orion models. For the regular Orion and Orion Mini, 1000 g, 1500 g, 2000 g, and 3000 g can also be used.

For more information about your Orion or Orion Mini, here is a link to the Orion operations manual. For the Orion Nano, you can find the manual here.

Need Support?

If you are still noticing issues with your Orion or having difficulty calibrating it, please email us at

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