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The Weighing Filter Setting determines the speed that the load receptor responds to weight and determines the weighing value. The larger the number, the more stable but slower the weighing result will be. The default setting of the weighing filter is 16, with up to 7 other options. The number shown on LED display indicates the current filter setting.

 The setting option is particularly helpful if brewing coffee in a busy environment with a lot of background “noise,” such as a cafe bar during a rush or busy space. This setting can also be helpful if you are brewing somewhere there may have some wind or draft.


Pearl 2021

On the Pearl 2021, the Weighing Filter is represented by three options instead of the numbers. The three settings are 'Fast', 'Normal', and 'High'. The default setting is Fast. The weighing filter setting determines the speed with which the load receptor responds to and determines the weight. 'High' indicates a more stable but slower weighing result; 'Fast' indicates higher sensitivity and a faster-weighing result.



If you notice your numbers counting down slightly during a brew, jumping, or not stabilizing, you can read more here. You can also ask us for more information at support@acaia.co

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