Is the Acaia Lunar scale waterproof?


No. None of our scales are waterproof. The Acaia Lunar is water resistant.

Acaia Lunar

The Acaia Lunar's electronic parts are coated with a water-resistant spray. All these parts are screwed into the top of the scale. Any water that enters via a steam wand will go up the sides and condense into the base. The top's LCD screen is sealed against water entry.

If water does happen to enter and it affects the scale, you'll see H20 begin to flash. The underscore (__) shows which button side the water is affecting. You can let the scale sit and dry out.

The Lunar is designed to prevent liquid damage. If you’ve been following our technical blog posts, you’ll know that varying temperature is a major factor in scale accuracy. If a large amount of hot liquid ends up on the Lunar, the scale will live. But the accuracy will be affected until it returns to room temperature. The aluminum-constructed Lunar allows the heat to escape the body as quickly as possible.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

To claim a product is waterproof, you are required to test and certify them. This includes operating them underwater. Since the Acaia Lunar cannot be operated underwater, we do not claim that it is waterproof.

If your scale displays '_H2O' with a '_' on the left side, it means that water is resting on top of the Power Button. If it displays 'H2O_' with the '_' is on the right side, it means there is water on top of the Tare Button. If your scale displays '_H2O_', it means that there is water on top of both the power and the tare button.

If you feel that water may be on the inside of the scale, please follow the instructions below:

1. Make sure the Lunar surface is clean and dry.

2. Put the Lunar off to the side to dry for about 24 hours.


If your Lunar scale has become wet on the inside due to use, we do NOT recommend placing it on top of an espresso machine or radiator to dry out. This may damage or disintegrate some of the connecting elements inside the scale, causing the top shell to come loose. 

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