Why should I use a heat pad on the scale?

Normally the working temperature of an electronic scale is 5˚C - 35˚C. For our scales, we recommend 15ºC - 40ºC in the room. The normal brewing temperature of a filter coffee is usually between 92˚C - 98˚C. The prolonged exposure of the hot water and the scale can eschew the reading precision of the loading beam and possibly damage the components of the scale over a long or frequent amount of time. This is why we recommend using a heat absorbent pad, such as the one provided with your scale, so to help maintain the life and ability of your scale. 

For this question, we recommend you read our technical series, "Acaia University.”: Temperature Effects.

If after reading this, you think it's a technical issue, please contact our support team at support@acaia.co

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