Guide to Lunar Modes


To switch modes or find out how to turn on/off modes, please check our video here


What are the three auto start modes in the Lunar?

*Note that for all of these modes, the timer will only start with a flow that is a slow trickle, like that of espresso. Anything that flows faster will not automatically start the timer.

1. Droplet

  • In this mode, the timer starts upon the flow of espresso.


  • When the espresso flow stops, it will also stop the timer.


2. Droplet and Square

This mode is the same as above, but with an added auto-tare function.



3. Triangle and Square

This mode is for baristas who want to measure the total time of a shot including the pre-infusion time. After placing a stable weight such as a cup on the scale, it performs the auto-tare operation, then the timer starts.




  1. In all auto start modes, the timer will stop when the espresso flow stops.
  2. In all auto start modes, if you do not operate the scale for 30 seconds, it will reset the timer and zero the scale

  3. In all auto start modes, the timer will stop when a negative weight (i.e. removal of cup) is detected.

  4. The scale will also display a previous stable weight that captures the coffee weight of the shot when you unloaded the cup.

How many modes are there in the lunar?

 There are 6 modes in the lunar. Weighing mode, dual display mode, three auto-start modes, and auto-tare mode. You can read more about these modes in our blog post here.

The above link shows modes in firmware version 2.5.067. There has since been a number of firmware updates. To view the changes made see this link as well.





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