How to file a warranty claim

When filing a warranty claim, there are a number of details that we need about the scale or product. 

  1. Date and proof of purchase.
  2. Where/who it was purchased from, such as from the official Acaia website or one of our official resellers.
  3. A description of the issue, as detailed as possible. 
  4. If you are contacting us about a scale, we will need the serial number. The serial number will appear on the back of the scale as a long number beginning with SN. It will also appear on the back of the box it was packed in. 
  5. Photographs of the product.


All these details make it easier for us to determine the issue and if it is a viable warranty claim. If we determine that it is a warranty claim, we will proceed to the next steps. If you don’t have all the information above, you can still email us and we will try our best to solve the issue. 

To file a claim, contact us at or contact your original place of purchase or local distributor.

When filing a claim, our team may be able to quickly and easily determine the problem and help you solve it without needing to post it. 

Please note: Purchases from unauthorized dealers will not be covered by warranty.


Shipping for Warranty Repairs

In-Warranty Repairs. For US customers, Acaia provides free ground transportation to and from our US repair facility. For outside-US customers, please contact your original place of purchase or local distributor. The customer will pay the freight charges for the defective unit return.


Outside-Warranty Repairs. 

Acaia may be able to repair units that are not covered by the warranty. The customer is responsible for paying all fees: repair, parts, and shipping (including duties).

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