Do you sponsor baristas?

2022 Barista Competition Season

We would like to remind those wishing to apply for sponsorship that we have paused the program until the 2023 competition season. 


We have many barista competitors who contact us about sponsorship, so we ask for your patience when waiting for a reply. Remember to apply at least one month in advance of your chosen competition.


How do I apply for competition sponsorship?

We offer a product sponsorship program for competitors. To apply, visit the provided link and scroll to the end. 



I’m a competitor, but I don’t fit into any of these categories. Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.


What about Good Spirits, Latte Art, or some other competition?

Unfortunately, due to stock, we aren’t able to sponsor every type of competitor. But, we do offer product discounts for competitors. Please let us know here.


What if I cancel my registration?

That’s okay. We would ask that you return the product, so we can provide it for another competitor.


Do I have to be registered for a competition to apply?

Yes, you need to have registered for the event to apply.


What is your time limit for applications?

Minimum: one month before the event date.

Maximum: six months before the event date.


What happens to the scales after I’m done?

You can keep them! They’re all yours. :)


What can I request?

Pearls, Lunars, and some accessories. Ask for the dream and the worst we can say is that we’re out of stock or that it’s not possible. We try our best to fulfill requests, but we hope you understand if we’re not able to provide an Orion and fairy dust.


When will I hear back about my application?

We try and review & respond to applications every Friday. There are many applications to go through. We appreciate your patience.



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