Acaia Coffee App Guide

 Requirements for the app include:

  • Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Requires Android 6.0 and or later.


What is Acaia Coffee?

Acaia Coffee is the company's first app. The app provides a smart and easy way to record your coffee lifestyle. You can create a coffee brewing print, take a photo of your cup of joe or create a coffee bean note to share it with everyone. The Acaia coffee scale connects to the app, collects the essential coffee brewing data such as coffee bean and water weight, calculates the ratio and allows you to log the coffee brewing data in the app.



What are the Acaia Coffee app features?

  1. Best Coffee Community: Meet other coffee lovers, share every coffee moment and culture, discover coffee news and get a review of coffee beans!
  2. Ratio Converter: Instant bean-water ratio calculator
  3. Coffee Note & Bean Stash Manager: Record brewing process for later reference, save and sync all your necessary coffee brewing data, including the name and variety of the coffee bean, water and coffee ratio, and the consistency of the speed and timing of the pouring process
  4. Remote Display & Timer: Visualized remote scale display, customize your coffee brewing timer according to your brewing process
  5. Brewing Print Sharing: Evaluate and visualize your pour-over coffee brewing process and share your brewing print with your friends.
  6. Advance Scale Settings: Auto-off time, disable scale buttons, switch units…e.t.c
  7. Bluetooth Connection: Stay constantly connected to your scale with Bluetooth 4.0


iOS: here

Android: here

Having issues connecting? Check out our Bluetooth connectivity troubleshooting guide or email us at


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