Orion Firmware Update Versions

This is a list of the past firmware updates we’ve added to the Acaia Orion. Use the ctrl+F function to find features.



Date released: September 13, 2023

Minor Firmware Update

Bug fixes and compatibility improvements


New improvements added:

  • Bug fixes and compatibility improvements



Date released: August 4, 2022

Minor Firmware Update

Auto Dose Mode Fix 


New improvements added:

  • If the Orion is in Auto Dose Mode when it’s turned off, it will be in the same mode when it’s turned back on.



Date released: March 26, 2021

Minor Firmware Update

Improved Hopper Check 


New improvement added:

  • Empty hopper check mechanism improved: avoids unexpected "Empty" warning message.



Date released: March 20, 2020

Minor Firmware Update

Added Cup option setting 


New setting added:

  • Added the option to turn on or off the [Container / Cup detection] warning



Date released: April 8, 2019

Major Firmware Update

New features and new settings


New settings added:

  •  Battery saving: Orion will dim the LCD display after 180 seconds of no use. 

Additional firmware updates included:

  • Added cup detection: Orion will check if there is a container on the weighing platform. If no container is detected, Orion will not start dispensing the coffee beans.
  • Added new noise detection: Orion will automatically detect the vibration of the working environment. If the vibration interferes with the weighing process, Orion will display 'Noise' and stop dispensing the coffee beans. 
  • Added empty hopper detection: Orion will display 'Empty' if no more coffee beans are available in the hopper. 
  • Various issue fixes.



Date released: June 16, 2018

Minor Firmware Update

Added Green Mode


New mode added:

  • New green mode added for dosing out green coffee more precisely.
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