Pearl Updater for Android


These are the app updates for the Pearl Updater app on Android. If you are looking for the Pearl Updater iOS updates or another app’s updates, head back here.


Version 1.2 - August 26, 2020

  • 🐛  Bug fixes for Bluetooth connectivity and performance improvements
  •  Please note from this version on we will only support Android 6.0+

Version 0.9.1 - September 10, 2018

  • 💚  Firmware added to update Pearl Scales to version 2.0.009.
  • 💚  The new firmware 2.0.009 will bring Pearl scales up to date with the current firmware in new production. If you are not having problems with your scales, there is no need to update.
  • 💚  New firmware internal tested with different Android models including HTC One X, Sony Z2, new phones with Google Nexus 2, Samsung S8 plus and Oppo R11s.
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