Lunar firmware update versions



Date released: December 3 2021

Major Firmware Update

This release includes both a new function and updated ability.


  • New ‘Tare Save’ function
  • Updated auto-stop detection time

Additional firmware updates include:

  • Extend the time of the auto-stop function with the flow to avoid accidental triggering by small flow at the beginning of brewing. After 12 seconds have passed from the timer started, the auto-stop will be activated.



Date released: March 15, 2021

Major Firmware Update

New setting and new battery level display


  • Updated setting ‘Pre-Infusion Time Out’ 
  • New battery percentage display ability 
  • Updated low battery warning message display
Additional firmware updates include:
  • Updated pre-infusion workflow to droplet auto-start modes. To use, set a desired pre-infusion timeout in settings. Then, manually start the timer or let the timer automatically start with the flow. The timer will automatically stop counting when the flow stops.
  • Added ability for scale to show remaining battery power. To access; when the scale is off, press and hold the Power button until ‘Batt’ is shown on the display. It will show after 'SET' appears. The scale will display battery power, e.g. ‘Batt 90’ referring to 90% battery.
  • When the battery is running low but can still last for a while, “LO_BAt” is displayed once when the scale is turned on, but will not be displayed during use. When the battery is running very low, the Lunar will display “LO_BAt”, then automatically power off. 



Date released: August 2020

Minor Firmware Update

It is not necessary to update unless you use the Bluetooth feature.


  • Ability added to override the Bluetooth error code Error 300, letting the user continue to use the scale. If you are experiencing this issue, please contact us directly. 


Date released: August 2020

Special Firmware Update

Please only update your scale to this firmware if you own the integration kit. 



Date released: October 13, 2018 

Minor Firmware Update

It is not necessary to update unless you use the Bluetooth feature.


  • Bluetooth changed to match with current firmware. 
  • Firmware update to match with Lunar scales currently in production.




Date released: June 19, 2018


Major Firmware Update

New settings, a new mode, and settings menu access changed to be easier.

New settings added:

  • Battery Saving
  • Pre-Infusing Time Out now adjustable
  • Auto-Start Sensitivity
  • Auto-Reset

New mode added:

  • Mode 6: Auto-Tare


Additional firmware updates included:

  • Settings menu access changed to be easier
  • Timer stop detection improved: Detection mechanism for recognizing a drip has been improved. It is now more sensitive to slow drips and faster at detecting when the flow has stopped.
  • Low battery indication improved: Low battery will display when it’s below 15% instead of at 5%.
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