Original Pearl Firmware Update Versions

 Pearl Updater

Please use the Pearl Updater app to update the original Acaia scale.


Date released: June 21, 2022

Major Firmware Update

New mode and features added


  • Improved startup ability
  • New and improved battery level indicator
  • Updated low battery warning message display
  • Added Portafilter Mode, replacing Auto-Tare Mode
  • Added Portafilter Auto Reset Setting

Additional firmware updates included:

  • Battery level indicator: To access; when the scale is off, press and hold the Power button until ‘bAt’ is shown on the display. It will show after ‘SEt’ appears. The scale will display battery power, e.g. ‘bAt 90’ referring to 90% battery.
  • Portafilter Mode: In this mode, the scale automatically detects a portafilter or other vessel. Remove the portafilter to add coffee grounds, then replace it on the scale to measure the weight of the coffee grounds. Repeat as needed to adjust the weight. The scale will reset the mode after the portafilter has been removed after a selected amount of seconds. 15 seconds is the default. To reset the mode manually, double tap on the Tare button.
  • Portafilter Auto Reset Setting: The setting menu display appears as [ Port.rS ]. This setting provides options on how long to wait before resetting. If this setting is set to off, the scale auto-tares whenever a weight is placed onto or removed from the scale, just like the original Auto-Tare Mode.


Date released: September 11, 2018

Minor Firmware Update

It is not necessary to update unless you use the Bluetooth Feature


  • Bluetooth changed to match with current firmware. 
  • Firmware update to match with Pearl scales currently in production.



Date released: July 24, 2017

Major Firmware Update

New modes and features added

Modes added:

  • Mode 3: Timer Auto-Start Mode
  • Mode 4: Beverage Mode
  • Mode 5: Auto-Tare Mode


Additional firmware updates included:

  • Feature added back in: gram/oz quick toggle via T long press.
  • To turn Pearl OFF, double tap Power Button. We removed the long press Power Button to turn the scale off.
  • FIXED- Auto Power Off - When there is no weight change and the timer runs to 9:59, some scales were not automatically turning off. This has been fixed to have the scales automatically turn off to preserve battery.
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