Ion Beam Firmware Update Versions

This article is about the Ion Beam (AIM101 / AIM102 / AIM103)

Find firmware updates about the first version of our generator, the Ion Beam Eclipse, here.

These updates are set to come to our Android version of the Acaia Updater app soon. Learn how to enter Update Mode at the bottom of this article here.



Date released: 4 June 2024

Minor Firmware Update

Bug fixes and other small improvements.


  • Several bug fixes and improvements



Date released: 22 May 2024

Major Firmware Update

Adjusted IR Mode 


  • In IR Mode, the status light now flashes green every five seconds to indicate operation. When an object is placed within five cm of the IR sensor, the spotlight turns on for 60 seconds. This action occurs regardless of whether the object remains in range. The timer resets if the object is placed back. This is to provide enough time for a new grinding session.
  • If the object remains in place after 120 seconds, the Ion Beam enters Sleep mode. The status light will continue to flash every five seconds. Once the Ion Beam reactivates, the spotlight turns on when it detects motion from the object in range.
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