Which app should I use with my Acaia scale?

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Acaia has a number of different applications that are available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (excluding Brewbar). This selection includes apps that are specifically designed for updating firmware and others that aid in brewing, data collection, and managing recipes. All of our apps are free to download.

The Updater apps include the Acaia Updater (Lunar, Cinco, Orion, Pearl Model S, Pearl Model S 2022), Pearl Updater, Sette Updater, and EtzMAX Updater.

Our other available apps are currently Acaia Coffee, Brewmaster, Brewbar and Brewguide. 

Brewbar (beta)  is currently only available on Ipad and IoS. 

Depending on what Acaia product and features you would like, there are a number of apps for you to choose. Ahead, we will explain and link to the latter four apps we have mentioned. 


Acaia Coffee

The starter app for Acaia. Features include:

Best Coffee Community: Meet other coffee lovers, share every coffee moment and culture, discover coffee news and get a review of coffee beans! 

  • Ratio Converter: Instant bean-water ratio calculator
  • Coffee Note & Bean Stash Manager: Record brewing process for later reference, save and sync all your necessary coffee brewing data, including the name and variety of the coffee bean, water and coffee ratio, and the consistency of the speed and timing of the pouring process
  • Remote Display & Timer: Visualized remote scale display, customize your coffee brewing timer according to your brewing process
  • Brewing Print Sharing: Evaluate and visualize your pour over coffee brewing process and share your brewing print with your friends.
  • Advance Scale Settings: Auto-off time, disable scale buttons, switch units…e.t.c 
  • Bluetooth Connection: Stay constantly connected to your scale with Bluetooth 4.0 


iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id834883045

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acaia.coffeescale



Features: Log-a-brew: Log your brewing process, methods, notes, and coffee flavors, brew better coffee with the acaia coffee scale. Real-time Visualize Brewing Print: improve coffee brewing with the real-time flow charts that reflects your pouring speed, flow rate, learn the way of coffee extraction and brew a mind-blowing cup of coffee with great flavor.

Coffee Ratio Converter: Easy calculation of water to bean, or bean to water ratio. Celebrate The Moment: Share your brewing print cards with friends, remember the great times and great tastes.

Features also include:

  •  Data Export (Paid Add-on): Raw brewing print data can be exported to .CSV file. By purchasing this feature, you help to support Brewmaster's future development.


iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id973393267

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.acaia.brewmaster.android&hl=en



Brewbar is an iOS tablet app in beta, download the app here. It is a brew station management tool. It connects up to four scales and three brew stations at a time, displaying them on one tablet.

Requirements for the app include:

  • iOS tablet with iOS 9 or 10 and Bluetooth 4

  • At least one pearl (multiple preferred) with latest firmware update

The app has the ability to connect with both Pearl and Lunar scales, the Baratza Sette 270W, and the Fellow Stagg EKG+ kettle.



The Brewguide app exclusively connects with the Pearl Model S and Pearl Model S 2022. One of Brewguide’s main features is the easy transfer of recipes from the app to both scales. The app also features some settings that  are available to be changed through the app, including turning on/off modes, units, temperature (for recipes), auto-off timer, button sound, and your hello message. If you do not have a Pearl Model S or Pearl Model S 2022, you are still free to download the app and browse the database of both roaster and consumer recipes. Recipes can be accessed and shared through both links and generated QR codes.


What's the difference between the Acaia Coffee and Brewmaster Apps?

While both apps are similar in some of their premises, there are a few differences. Acaia Coffee provides a way to share brewing info across the community, while Brewmaster is as close to a straight data logger as we can get.

Brewmaster is a logging app that is designed to be quicker for brewing workflow. Two screen touches from the home screen of the app will get you recording the output of the scale. The graphing is a bit more detailed than the Acaia Coffee app, too.


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