Can’t see the Timer Mode, what can I do?

There is a “dual-mode” implemented on the original Acaia Pearl scale, with a basic count-up timer and weighing feature at the same time. Hold the power button to toggle the dual and standard weighing modes.

If you still don’t see the Timer Mode on your original Pearl scale, it is possible that your scale is running on firmware v.1.72, the 'Timer Mode' function is hidden by default for scales running on firmware v1.72. Here is the instruction to turn on the Timer Mode:

Power button: on the left side of the Acaia scale. T button: on the right side of the Acaia scale.


When the scale is off, press and hold Power button to turn ON the scale, and the LED display shows nACAIA and then SEt, press and hold T button for another 1.5 seconds without releasing Power but- ton. When the LED display shows F.0000 with the very left 0 flashing, release both Power and T buttons.


Input the "0000" with T button:

Operations:            a. Click T button to change the digit number.

                                 b. Click the Power button for moving to the previous digit.
                                 c. Long press T button for moving to the next digit.

  (1. After you input the password, long-press the T button to confirm. If the LED will display SLEEP which means the scale is in 'Set Up Mode'.

    (2. Click T button to change the options, when the LED display tNodE, please press and hold the T button.

    (3. Enter Timer Mode Setting with T button:

    (4. Operations:  a. Click it to change the option.

                                b. Long press the button to change back to Set-Up Menu.



1. When the LED display OFF which means the Timer Mode is turn off, otherwise it's turn on, running firmware v1.72+.

2. After changing the setting, please long press T button for back Set-Up Menu.

3. Long press Power button to save your setting and the scale will turn off.

4. Turn on the scale, press the Power button to change the mode.
Note: If you can't see the Timer Mode, please back to step 1.

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