What is the Acaia brewing print?

The Acaia brewing print was one of our answers on how to improve your coffee and the overall brewing experience. By connecting the scale via some of our mobile device apps, you can create a graph of your brew as you are pouring it. Taking into account variables such as time and water, the chart shows how the brewing process has been completed.

By using this print, we get to know how the brewing process looks like by comparing our own prints with experts who can accurately control and understand the blooming period, water contact time, and the overall stability of the pouring process.

While it is not the only answer for creating different results in coffee brewing, it does give us accurate information of the variables tracked. The Brewing Print is a combination of design and the integration of technology, and this helps us visualize and brew better coffee as we utilize it. The app also gives you the freedom of sharing your brewing blueprint with others on social media so that you compare and discuss and use other prints.

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