About the Orion Nano


Designed for achieving precise and customizable coffee bean dosing. The Orion Nano is ideal for cupping sessions and seamless on-demand dosing in cafes. Achieve effortless coffee blending through its innovative connectivity feature, Orion’s Belt.



All models in the Orion series, including the Orion Nan, are designed for dosing green beans or roasted coffee beans based on weight.


The Orion Nano is capable of dosing accurately within ± 0.25 g (around 1 to 3 beans). It is the best tool for cupping or single-dose preparation, ensuring a consistent brew every time.


The Orion Nano boasts a much more compact footprint, making it the perfect addition to any coffee bar or home brewing setup.

Orion’s Belt

Form your own dynamic coffee blending station. The Orion’s Belt integration connects multiple Orion Nanos. This innovative feature enables effortless customization of blends, giving you the space to experiment with ratios and flavors. Elevate the art of coffee crafting.


The Orion Nano inherits much of the Orion’s award-winning design. Features include an automatic mode for continuous dosing and an intuitive dial interface with preset modes for diverse target weights. The intelligent dosing system learns and adapts for exceptional accuracy and consistency.

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