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The Brew By Weight is an exclusive scale released by La Marzocco, with function and design support by Acaia. It works in tandem with the Linea Mini home espresso machine. It was first launched in October 2023.

The Brew-by-Weight is built with Acaia Weighing Technology and is the perfect companion to the Linea Mini. The two connect and communicate to stop the flow of espresso to create the ideal shot and stress-free workflow. 

The scale can be purchased directly from your local authorized La Marzocco distributor, depending on their stock. 

The product is not an updated version of the Acaia Lunar but a separate product. The Brew-By-Weight firmware can not be added to the Acaia Lunar or Lunar 2021. It works exclusively with a Linea Mini with the machine’s latest firmware update. Please see the product page here for more compatibility information. The firmware and espresso machine connectivity abilities are released and managed exclusively by La Marzocco.




From the La Marzocco Website

Multi-Tasking Made Easy - Brew-by-Weight’s precision and predictive features fit perfectly with your lifestyle. Step away and return to a perfectly brewed espresso.

Dual Dose Setting Via the La Marzocco Home App - Customize your espresso style by setting up to two doses or opt for a continuous flow mode, all through the La Marzocco Home app.

Machine Learning & Predictive Drip Algorithm - Brew-by-Weight’s machine learning gets better over time, using a predictive drip algorithm to know when to stop brewing—ensuring you consistently hit your desired weight.

Auto-Tare and Timer - Engage the paddle, and the scale auto-tares and begins timing automatically, streamlining the brewing process.

Seamless Compatibility - Designed to integrate seamlessly with any Connected Linea Mini, making every espresso shot perfect.

See more feature details on the La Marzocco website here



The Brew-By-Weight connects to the La Marzocco Home app. For Linea Mini and Brew-By-Weight connectivity information, please see the La Marzocco website here.


If you are looking for support and aftersale care for the Brew-By-Weight, please reach out to your local La Marzocco official distributor.


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