Ion Beam Safety Information

Read the information below carefully before using your Ion Beam. Incorrect handling of this product could result in personal injury or equipment damage. 

  • ! Do NOT touch the carbon brush in the Ion Beam as it may have high voltage.
  • ! Do NOT direct the Ion Beam and its light directly towards human eyes
  • ! Do NOT immerse the Ion Beam in liquids or allow liquids to enter unit. Use a soft clean with warm water only to clean the product.
  • ! Do NOT allow young children to play with this unit as it is not a toy.
  • ! Do NOT use the unit if it is not working properly, has been dropped, damaged, or dropped into water.
  • ! Never drop or insert objects into any openings.
  • ! Do not try to disassemble the Ion Beam. Disassembling the unit may cause harm to yourself or damage the equipment, and will void the warranty.
  • ! Do NOT operate where aerosol units are being used or where oxygen is being administered. ! Do NOT operate this unit in oxygen rich environments.
  • ! Keep away from gas-powered stoves and ovens, and do not operate this unit in areas where amiable or combustible units or vapors may be present.
  • ! When Ion Beam is turned on, Do NOT place it vertically on table for long period of time, as static may accumulate on the front or back of the Ion Beam.
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