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The Acaia Ion Beam is an industrial-grade ion generator that efficiently minimizes static generated during the grinding process, resulting in reduced retention, less flying chaff, and less clumping. The Ion Beam can be used as a handheld portable device, or mounted on a standard tripod platform. The first drop of this product was on our US website in May 2023. 


How many modes does the Ion Beam have? 

The Ion Beam Eclipse has two modes. On with spotlight, on without spotlight, and off. It emits positive and negative ions on different ends to more effectively remove negative or positive coffee static build-up. Additional adjustments, such as ionizing power, are available in the Orbit app. You do not need the app to use the Ion Beam.


For the latest version of the Ion Beam, there is IR mode and Continuous mode. 

  • In IR mode, when an object is placed within 5 cm of the IR sensor, the spotlight turns on and the Ion Beam emits positive/negative ions. When there’s no object detected, the Ion Beam enters Sleep mode after 120 seconds. It can be reactivated by placing an object within the range. While in Sleep mode, the Ion Beam does not emit ions, but the status light continues to flash every 5 seconds for indication.
  • In Continuous Mode, both the spotlight and the Ion Beam remain active regardless of object detection by the IR sensor. The Ion Beam automatically powers off after 120 seconds after operation to conserve energy. The Ion Beam’s auto-off function prevents excessive static electricity accumulation after extended use.


How much ozone does the Ion Beam create? Is it harmful?

Generating ions does create ozone; however, the level of the Ion Beam is well within the safety requirements for air purifiers. We will be providing more data about this in the future.


Does the Ion Beam come with a tripod? What type of tripod suits the Ion Beam?

The Ion Beam does not come with a tripod. It does come with an Orbit grinder attachment. The IB is fitted with a 1/4-20 standard thread pitch. This means that most standard tripod attachments (like consumer camera models) should fit. 

A 1/4-20 thread means the diameter of the nut or bolt is 1/4 inch and that there are 20 threads per inch. 


Can I order the Ion Beam outside the US?

Yes. You can order the Ion Beam on our European and Japanese websites. 


What color is the Ion Beam available in?

The Ion Beam Eclipse was available in black and space gray. The latest version is available in black, beige white, and space gray.


Is the Ion Beam USB-C rechargeable? Can I use it while it is charging?

Yes, the Ion Beam is USB-C rechargeable and can be used while charging. 


How do you connect to the Ion Beam? Are there advanced settings?

You can connect to the Ion Beam Eclipse via the Orbit app. Connecting lets you view the battery status, adjust the “Auto Off Timer”, set the ionizer power (choose between Low, Medium, or High), and identify the product's current firmware version. 

You can find the Orbit app on the Apple App Store and Google Play now. Make sure to update to version 1.0.5 (iOS) to find Ion Beam options. 

For Ion Beam, we are working on an update to connect with the Orbit app. 


Which grinders have the Ion Beam been tested on?

We have tested extensively with several different grinder types including the Acaia Orbit, Niche Zero, Fellow Ode 1, Weber EG-1, and Lagom P64. We found these tests produced satisfactory results. You can see some results on the product page here.

We have also tested with the Mahlkonig EK43 and are developing a more powerful Ion Beam version for this commercial grinder build. 


When will the EK version be released?

Our team is working hard on the development of the EK Beam. We currently do not have a release date. You can find out more updates via our social media or newsletter. 



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