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Pearl Model S Versions

This article is for the Pearl Model S 2022, you can find the original version here.


The Pearl Model S 2022 is the new version of our original Pearl Model S scale and is designed for serious home brewers and the roasters who want to connect with them. 

The Model S 2022 features a built-in interactive brewing guide mode. Compared to the 2019 version, this now functions as a mode that can be toggled through like the other modes. With its accompanying Brewguide app, roasters can input recommended recipes and home brewers can transfer them into the scale. From there, all you need to do is follow the prompts on the scale, no app necessary.

There is also now a weight and time notification in sound or voice. Designed for those who need auditory assistance or would like to hear notifications. This feature can be turned off. The time notification interval is 10 seconds and the weight interval is 20 g.

The Pearl Model S 2022's other new features include:

  • USB-Type C charging
  • Countdown timer with three presets and plays music created by our collaboration musicians: Jeremy Kurtz-Harris and Jasmine Lin.
  • Adjustable volume
  • Countdown Timer Mode
  • Secret Music Mode


Is the Pearl Model S 2022 Waterproof?

The Pearl Model S 2022 is not waterproof or water-resistant, the same as the other Pearl scales. While a small amount of water that is spilled on top will deflect, we do not recommend exposing it to any liquid.


Find more information on the Brewguide app here

Can I use the scale without the Brewguide App?

Yes, you can. Although you will not have access to the amount of customization or be able to upload any brewguide recipe to the scale’s internal firmware without the app.     


What are the product specs?

Model No:   PS003 / PS004

Dimensions: 160 mm(W) x 160 mm(L) x 32 mm(H)

                       6.13 in(W) x 6.13 in(L) x 1.26 in(H)

Weight:        620 g/1.4 lb

Capacity:     6.6 lbs / 3 kg

Max:            3000 g/Min: 0.1 g

Measuring Units: oz,g

Permissible Error Range: +/-0.2g

Increments: 0.1g

Display: LED Dot Matrix Display

Battery: lithium ion, USB rechargeable

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0


Inside the Package

Acaia Pearl S 2022 coffee scale (White/Black) x 1

Heat-resistant pad x 1

USB-C cable x 1


How Does the Sound and Voice Notification Work on the Pearl Model S 2022?

The Pearl Model S 2022 comes with sound notifications to enhance your brewing experience. Hear the weight and time notified at fixed intervals to help you focus on your brewing workflow. You can further personalize Sound Notifications with the choices of voice, and sound effect, or turn it off in Advanced Settings. Read more about it here

What is the capacity of the Pearl Model S 2022?

The capacity of the Pearl Model S 2022 is 3000 g or 6.6 pounds. Be sure not to weigh over this capacity or you may damage your scale.

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