Lunar firmware update versions


Most new scales do not need a firmware update. Checwhich version number you have. And then update if you need to.

 This is a list of the past firmware updates we’ve added to the Acaia Lunar. Use the ctrl+F function to find features.



Date released: October 13, 2018

Minor Firmware Update

It is not necessary to update unless you use the Bluetooth feature.


  • Bluetooth changed to match with current firmware. 
  • Firmware update to match with Lunar scales currently in production.



Date released: June 19, 2018

Major Firmware Update

New settings, a new mode, and settings menu access changed to be easier.


New settings added:

  • Battery Saving
  • Pre-Infusing Time Out now adjustable
  • Auto-Start Sensitivity
  • Auto-Reset


New mode added:

  • Mode 6: Auto-Tare


Additional firmware updates included:

  • Settings menu access changed to be easier
  • Timer stop detection improved: Detection mechanism for recognizing a drip has been improved. It is now more sensitive to slow drips and faster at detecting when the flow has stopped.

Low battery indication improved: Low battery will display when it’s below 15% instead of at 5%.

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