Orion Firmware Update Versions


Most new Orions do not need a firmware update. Check which version number you have. And then update if you need to.

This is list of the past firmware updates we’ve added to the Acaia Orion. Use the ctrl+F function to find features.


Date released: April 8, 2019

Major firmware update

New features and new settings 

New settings added:

  •  Battery saving: Orion will dim the LCD display after 180 seconds of no use. 


Additional firmware updates included:

  • Added cup detection: Orion will check if there is a container on the weighing platform. If no container is detected, Orion will not start dispensing the coffee beans.
  • Added new noise detection: Orion will automatically detect the vibration of the working environment. If the vibration interferes with the weighing process, Orion will display 'Noise' and stop dispensing the coffee beans. 
  • Added empty hopper detection: Orion will display 'Empty' if no more coffee beans are available in the hopper. 
  • Various issue fixes.



Date released: June 16, 2018


Minor firmware update

Added green mode



New mode added:

  • New green mode added for dosing out green coffee.
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