How is the Pearl Model S different from the Pearl?

There are many differences between the Pearl, Acaia’s original scale model, and the Pearl Model S. The Pearl S has a higher weighing capacity than the original Pearl, which makes it a bit more durable. The Pearl has a max capacity of 2000 g while the Pearl Model S has a max capacity of 3000 g. The S model also comes with a new dot-matrix display that can show more on the screen, such as a recipe. The modes that are available are similar to the original Pearl but include parameters like flow rate in real-time. There are also different modes on the Pearl Model S such as Flowrate practice mode and Portafilter mode for training and bar work purposes. 

 The inside of the Pearl Model S is also reinforced with additional metal components (making it heavier than the Pearl), while also containing a larger battery to accommodate the added features. 


See the video ahead for a more detailed explanation of modes and settings. 

Here is an additional video explaining the Pearl Model S by Prima Coffee. 

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