What modes are available on the Pearl S?

Along with previously used modes, we have a number of exclusives modes for the Pearl S. The user also has the option of turning on and off any of these modes to how it suits them. 


  • Mode 1 - Weighing mode (default)
  • Mode 2 - Dual Display Mode (default)
  • Mode 3 - Portafilter Mode
  • Mode 4 - Espresso Mode
  • Mode 5 - Pour Over Mode
  • Mode 6 - Flowrate Practice Mode
  • Mode 7- Brewguide Mode (default)

Modes such as the portafilter mode will allow the scale to remember the weight of your portafilter, and automatically deduct the weight of the portafilter. They can also set the time to when the scale tares during this mode to suit the ability and speed of the barista. You can see more about these modes in the Pearl S manual.

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