The scale is showing a 3 digit error code, what do I do?

If any problems persist, please contact for further assistance.

101 EEPROM error, covered by warranty
102 AD read error
brackets (top)* Over load: the weight is over the maximum capacity.
brackets (bottom)**

Under load: the weight is under the minimum capacity.


Malfunctioning Bluetooth error. Scale's Bluetooth module has stopped working. 

303 303 Unable to make zero point, because the initial weight exceeds the limit (50% of capacity). Typically happens when a scale has weighed over its capacity of 2000g.
304 Weight calibration error
802 Unable to tare, because the weight exceeds the tare range. Typically happens when a scale has weighed over its capacity of 2000g.
803 Unable to tare/calibrate, for the weight is unstable. Try to tare/calibrate scale on a more stable surface.
904 Password error (the password to enter the settings is 0000)


*Below is an image of what overload brackets look like 

**Underload brackets look the same as overload brackets but flipped upside down


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