Can I weigh in ounces? How do I change the weight unit?

Yes. You can weigh in either grams or ounces for our scales.


To change units:

1) The Pearl can be switched between the two units via a long press of the T button while in weighing mode (without timer).

2) You can also connect the scale to one of our apps and switch it in the Settings menu

Below is an example of accessing the Acaia Coffee App settings and switching from grams to ounces. 

Settings Menu Instructions

  1. Establish a Bluetooth connection with the app, then navigate to the settings menu.
  2. In settings, tap the “Acaia Scale” menu option and tap “Weight Unit”
  3. The scale will then beep and switch to the selected unit.
  4. When ounces are selected, the scale will display three digits after the decimal place and a light on the top right of the display.



*Based on feedback we've received, the Lunar can be switched between grams and ounces only via the app or the scale's setup menu.

You'll know that the scale is in ounces when the display changes from 0.0 to 0.000 and has a green light on the right side. See below photo.



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