Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We offer standard and TNT Express shipping to almost all countries. Shipping fees include postage fees, registered mail fees and miscellaneous fees.

*If you order more than one unit, every extra unit will need to be charged for TNT Express individually. (All prices are in USD)

Check our Where to Buy page for our approved distributors. If we do not have a partner in the country, we will likely be able to ship to it.


Purchases sent outside the United States may be assessed local taxes, duties, etc. upon arrival. The shipping firm that delivers the package may likewise impose additional brokerage fees or other surcharges as part of the customs and tax process. Recipients are responsible for payment of all fees, taxes and duties related to shipment(s) to destinations outside of the United States. If a shipment is lost, abandoned or you refuse a shipment due to the local taxes or duties not being paid, Acaia will not issue you a refund for your order. Orders can be delayed due to verification or time of order being placed.


Country Details

Kuwait: We are not able to ship directly to Kuwait. Please check with our UAE and Saudi Arabia partners to see if they can ship.

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